If you missed it before it vanished, now can finally see that Godzilla trailer

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Nov 26, 2013, 10:09 AM EST (Updated)

Banish that 1998 movie forever with the trailer that made us believe in giant radioactive lizards again.

The trailer for the 2014 iteration of Godzilla was up and down a few times before disappearing from the Internet for what has felt like forever. Even though it relies on an oft-used audio clip of Oppenheimer as he realized the destructive power of the atom bomb, the trailer feels new. It has the monster-as-force-of-nature vibe that World War Z had been trying to capture.

And as for Godzilla himself? Well, take a look for yourself.

If you've seen one giant monster movie, you start to get the feeling you've seen them all. They can be fun, sure, but they're usually pretty derivative, too. This trailer, though, give us some genuine tingles up our collective spines. Could it be that Godzilla will be scary again? This trailer has us hoping he will be.

(via eBaum's World)