If you thought Into Darkness the worst Trek film, Simon Pegg says '#@&! you'

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Aug 22, 2013

When it comes to his feelings, Simon Pegg has a gift for being brief, succinct and to the point. 

At a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas recently, fans ranked the quality of the Star Trek films thus far. Where did Into Darkness wind up?

Dead last.

That's right. Even the infamous Final Frontier beat out J.J. Abrams' second entry into the rebooted Trek series. So, natuarally, since Simon Pegg is out stumping for his latest, The World's End, someone asked him about this rather stinging insult. And fair play to him, he at least attempted to brush it off at first.

I think they haven't had time to live with it. They haven't had time to review it. I think there's a degree of stuck-in-the-mud -- there's a faction within the "Star Trek" community of kind of like, "Well, I don't want to watch anything anymore." Which is fine. And, absolutely, they are entitled to that. You know, it's not for them, really. It's kind of for everyone.

But the conversation went on. Comparisons with an indie band finding mainstream success were made and, eventually, Pegg finally just had enough of it.

And you know what ... it absolutely isn't the worst "Star Trek" movie. It's asinine, you know? It's ridiculous. And frustrating, as well, because a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all J.J. wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass [#@&!]-ing ire, I just say [#@&!] you.

It's kind of hard to blame the guy. Into Darkness has been a huge international success, and yet the most fervent of fans are dead set on damning the film into, well, darkness.

Where will this movie find itself in five years? Ten? Twenty? We kind of doubt it'll still be considered the worst. Then again, it doesn't have its core cast members singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat in rounds while huddled around the campfire. So, in that way, it'll always be inferior to Final Frontier, right?

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