If you want to watch Joss Whedon-scripted In Your Eyes right now, you're in luck

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Apr 21, 2014, 4:35 PM EDT (Updated)

When Joss Whedon writes a movie, we want to see it. Hell, when Joss Whedon writes a memo, we want to see it. But his latest script, for the independent movie In Your Eyes, has only been premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and does not have a release date. What's a slavering fan to do? 

We can praise Joss, that's what. Joss and the producers of In Your Eyes (who include his wife, Kai Cole) have have made the movie available online--a simultaneous release with the Tribeca Film Festival.

For $5 and a visit to, you can stream the movie at this very moment.

Without a release date anywhere on the horizon, we were seriously concerned about when we would get a chance to see director Brin Hill's interpretation of Joss' screenplay. Considering that it took over two years for Cabin in the Woods to see the light of day, our fears were very real.

But now we can put that fear to rest. And while we're taking a deep breath of relief, we can watch a second clip of In Your Eyes, below.

Via USAToday.