If 1 million fans demand Paranormal Activity, you'll see it

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012
Paramount is letting you decide whether their scary indie film Paranormal Activity gets a nationwide release. They're using the Eventful Web site to create a voting system where anyone can submit a request (aka "a demand") to have the film shown in their area. Paramount says if they get 1 million demands, they'll "open nationwide"!

Over on Entertainment Weekly they're comparing this idea to the brilliant marketing campaign behind another low-budget horror film, The Blair Witch Project, but this one seems more like straight-up marketing to us. Nevertheless, it's kind of fun to make it seem like we have some control over what films we get to see in the theaters.

The vote is already over 600,000 as of this writing, so our guess is you'll get to see Paranormal Activity before Halloween if you want to.

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