Aidan Turner may abandon Being Human for The Hobbit

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Aidan Turner has been playing the broody (and moody) vampire John Mitchell for three seasons of the BBC's Being Human. But his being cast in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit—as well as dark events culminating in the third season of the show—may hint at a very sinister fate for the character.

Will John Mitchell bite the proverbial dust? And will his role on The Hobbit be to blame?

Last season, Mitchell did something rather unforgiving. Do you remember a little thing called the Box Tunnel 20 where Mitchell and fellow crazy vamp Daisy killed 20 people in a train boxcar? Well, it came back to haunt our favorite vamp big-time. Turner reveals:

[The murder investigation] plays a massive part in the new season. It haunts him. I think to a certain extent he thought he got away with it. He's been so good at killing, it's something he's always specialized in—this one just seems to have gone a bit wrong because he was with Daisy, who's crazy. It went further than they thought and it comes to bite him in the arse. It's something he feels very guilty about, and he's hidden from George, Nina and Annie. Now he just can't hide it anymore. He needs to make some decisions—and that's what you see him do in season 3. Does he admit to the murders and risk losing his friends? Does he go to prison? There is this whole host of things that he gets tied up with.

Mitchell also learned of his imminent death in the very first episode of season three and that he would be killed by a "wolf-shaped bullet."

With Mitchell's impending demise announced, and the actor being off to New Zealand to undertake what will be a very long shoot (two films filmed together) on The Hobbit, could that spell a more permanent doom for Mitchell?

The Internet is abuzz with speculation that Turner will indeed leave the series, but here's what the Irish actor had to say:

Well, that's what the Internet does, isn't it? It fuels gossip and stuff. It's a long shoot over here for The Hobbit. It's two movies. We haven't talked yet about dates for series four of Being Human. It's so up in the air and it's so far away that I can't really commit to anything. And they need to plot out storylines and see how long they need Mitchell for, so I guess we won't know until a later date what's going on.

Does this mean we can breath a half-sigh of relief now, or do we have to cross our fingers that Mitchell (if he dies) will not stay dead for long and that we'll see him again in season four? Just remember the end of season two (*cough* Herrick *cough*), and maybe we can all rest a bit easier. Maybe.

(via EW)