If you like hot lady elves, then this Elfquest fan film is for you

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Produced with both the blessing and cooperation of the creators of the long-running Elfquest comics, this five-minute trailer-film-tribute is a lush, loving look at a world populated almost entirely by very attractive women with pointy ears.

I will freely admit that I'm familiar with Elfquest only in passing. But I've got an immense amount of respect for Wendy and Richard Pini—the husband-and-wife team who have written, drawn and, for the most part, published Elfquest comics for almost 30 years—and I know their vast story of an Earth-like planet populated by all sorts of fantasy creatures (who, occasionally, have wild-rumpus-y sex) is beloved.

So much so that producer-actors Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, unhappy with the lack of movement on a Warner Bros. feature that was announced back in 2008, decided to make their own Elfquest film. And what they came up with was Elfquest: A Fan Imagining.

As I said, I don't know how any of those five minutes play into the larger Elfquest tale. But I know that it's beautiful. And I know that it was produced by an entirely female crew—aided by donations and proceeds from sales of Wendy Pini's art. And I know that in this day and age, that's a thing worth championing.

Hit up the official website for more information.

(Via Comics Alliance)