If you're hoping for original series cameos in Trek 2, stop now

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Dec 16, 2012

We've started to hear the chatter about new cast members in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel, but we haven't heard anything about a Leonard Nimoy-style Original Series cameo. And according to a source on the flick, we won't, because it's not happening.

The Nimoy cameo in Abrams' first Trek film was a nifty way to construct an alternate timeline that would allow the young Kirk, Spock and the gang to have new adventures, but that kind of storytelling seems to be over for the franchise. According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz411, "sources close to the next film, many of whom worked with Abrams on the new Mission Impossible" (he produced it) say it definitely won't be happening again.

So that means no Shatner, no Nichelle Nichols, no George Takei and no Walter Koenig. Abrams himself hasn't said it, but given that the story can now go forward without the complication of time travel to justify its existence, a lack of cameos seems likely. Of course, that doesn't rule out the appearance of an actor or actress from any other Trek franchise, but that seems like even more of a long shot.

In other, better Trek 2 news, Abrams himself is sounding off about the look of the film. He plans to shoot in 2D and use the long post-production to do a high-quality 3D conversion. And if he has his way, we could see this installment's epic space battles in the glory of IMAX.

"We're shooting on film, 2D, and then we'll do a good high-end conversion like the Harry Potter movie and all that," Abrams told MTV. "Luckily, with our release date now we have the months needed to do it right, because if you rush it, it never looks good. .... We were talking about [shooting in IMAX], and I would love to do it. IMAX is my favorite format; I'm a huge fan."

All of this is interesting, of course, but it doesn't answer the question we're really interested in: Who's the villain?

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