If you're thinking of moving to Arrakis, you'll need this jacket

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Dec 15, 2012

Dune's Fremen stayed alive on their desert planet thanks to body-hugging stillsuits, which collected and purified moisture to create drinking water. Now a visionary designer has plans to create a similar garment for right here on Earth.

According to Hyeona Yang (who along with Joshua Noble came up with the idea):

The Raincatch is a proposal for a garment which is at once a coat and water gathering, purification, storage system that allows the wearer to take a drink whenever they're thirsty. We worked with existing raincoats to reinforce the realism of the project but altered the look and feel of the coat enough that it has a distinct look and feel of its own.

The collar of the coat collects rain, which is then filtered down the back of the coat where it would be filtered through charcoal filters and then purified using a chemical process. The water is then stored around the hips of the coat where the weight can be ergonomically carried by the wearer without strain. The aesthetics of the coat and simple but elegant, showing the water and the internal workings of the coat, but hiding the water storage and maintaing a clean form factor.

While the Raincatch isn't exactly like a stillsuit, since it wouldn't be collecting perspiration and other boldily fluids, it's a good start. Check out the video below for more info about the proposed garment.

(via lostateminor)

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