I'll be doing a live webcast today at 3:00 Pacific time!

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May 14, 2009

ALERT: I'll be doing a live video webcast on Dr. Kiki's Science Hour (aka This Week in Science) with Kiki Sanford and Leo Laporte at 3:00 Pacific time (22:00 GMT) today. We'll be talking Hubble and what's going in space over our heads even as we're talking about it. I think it'll be live on UStream.tv which also has a chat room embedded where you can leave comments and ask questions.

I'll update this blog post and include more links as I figure them out. I'll also post updates on Twitter too.

UPDATE: Try http://live.twit.tv/ for the live stream of the show, and the chat room is http://irc.twit.tv/.

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