Illinois government website recognizes Klingon as a valid language. Really.

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Aug 26, 2013

Here's good news for all you expatriates of Qo'noS. 

The Illinois Department of Employment Security exists to help all of its residents, not just the human ones. Which is why, on their website, if you want to ask a question regarding a claim, you may, in fact, sign into the website in Klingon. So you may read the site, ask questions and get answers, even if your foreign language happens to be foreign enough to be from another planet.

The department was asked if this was on the level, and their answer was surprisingly pragmatic.

The unique language doesn't cost the department any money: Rivara said the Microsoft translation service is free. While the 280 or so pages on the department's website can be automatically translated, department staff members review each page in each language for accuracy and nuance. The department did not take time to review Klingon — so some words, like "appeal" and "unemployment," don't translate on the site.

So the truth is, Illinois only kind of cares about Klingons. Yes, you can translate the site into Klingon, but all of the flavor (and a lot of the accuracy, probably) will be lost. You may as well use Babelfish! If you really care about Klingons (and employing people), Illinois, hire a proper translator!

Still, that's a lot more respect than most aliens with really bumpy foreheads get in the U.S. Not to mention that the only other translated languages available are Maltese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. That's a real kick in the pants to the French!

(via Neatorama)

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