Image Comics continues 25th anniversary celebration with a month of Spawn covers

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Apr 14, 2017, 10:02 AM EDT

As you may have heard, 2017 is the 25th anniversary of Image Comics, and the publisher is celebrating all year in a variety of ways. Among the ways Image is marking the occasion: Theme months in which the many independent creators on the company roster can craft variant covers built around one idea. (This month's theme is "April Fools.") Now we know that the variant cover theme for May will be Spawn.

Todd McFarlane's comic about a former Marine who returns from hell with a set of demonically inspired powers and a very cool cape is one of the longest-running creator-owned comics ever. It's one of two books from Image's first seven major series to keep up continuous publication (the other is Savage Dragon), and at this point we're closing in on issue #300. Plus, thanks to an HBO animated series and a feature film, he's the creation from the early days of Image that you're most likely to know about even if you don't read comics.

Since May of 1992 was the publication month for the blockbuster debut issue of Spawn, Image has chosen that month to both release a new "director's cut" edition of the original issue and allow other Image creators to pay tribute to the character with variant covers. In a press release Thursday, Image revealed 15 titles that will celebrate Spawn Month, and unveiled nine of the covers from comics, including Black Science, God Country, Deadly Class and more. They're all great, but I must say that I'm not even caught up on Injection right now and I might have to buy the next issue just for the variant cover. Can Declan Shalvey do a whole issue of Spawn?

Check out the full list of Spawn Month titles at Image's website, and check out the first nine variant covers in the gallery below.