Alex + Ada creators bring 100 years of war to Image Comics in Eternal Empire

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Feb 17, 2017

If there's one thing science fiction and fantasy fans love, it's an evil empire, and this spring Image Comics will have readers bowing before the next great one.

Born of the minds of writer Sarah Vaughn and writer-artist Jonathan Luna, Eternal Empire is an all-new fantasy series set in a realm called Saia, which has been besieged for over one hundred years by the forces of the Eternal Empress, who've conquered all but one country. The series' protagonist is a young woman under the Empire's employ, who has strange visions that make her begin to question her place there.

Vaughn and Luna are best known as the creative duo behind Alex + Ada (which was on my recommended reading list for November), which was a science fiction romance hit, and Vaughn was most recently seen writing the fantastic gothic romance Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love for DC. Given the connecting covers released with the announcement and the creators' history, I'd think a romantic element is likely in this series as well, though that's just this writer's mildly educated speculation.

Either way, the creators are very passionate about the project. "It's on an epic scale I've never attempted before," said Luna in the press release. "Ever since my teenage years, I've desperately wanted to create a fantasy story. This has been a long time coming." Vaughn said that fantasy "feeds my soul and it's what I reach for when I need comfort and restoration."

Readers will be able to escape to the Eternal Empire when it conquers comic shops on May 3, but first check out the beautiful connecting covers for the first two issues by Luna below.

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