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Image Comics single-issue solicitations for May 2019

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Feb 22, 2019, 12:07 PM EST

Every month, SYFY WIRE will be bringing you the solicitations for all the upcoming comic books you need to know about. Today we have Image Comics listings for May 2019 single-issue comics.

If you're in the market for some new creator-owned series that aren't necessarily part of the superhero genre, Image has you covered this month with the first issues of Gogor, a new high fantasy series from writer/artist Ken Garing, and Excellence, an "action-fantasy" saga from Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph. 

The new beginnings are exciting, but this month Image's release are even more stacked with eventful endings, or the beginning of the end. In May alone, we'll get the first issue of the final arc of Curse Words, the last issue of Kevin Smith's Hit-Girl Season Two story, the final issues of Self-Made and Vindication, and new issues of both East of West and Paper Girls as each nears their end. Plus, another issue arrives in the march toward the finale of The Wicked + The Divine

Check out everything Image has to offer in May below. 

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Image May 2019 1



WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST / COVER A: Dustin Nguyen 

MAY 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“THE HAUNTED GALAXY,” Part Two (of Five) Mila reunites her dad Andy with his old robot pal, Bandit, but their heartwarming reunion doesn’t last for long. It’s forbidden to have robot tech, and soon they’re on the run from a troll militia with a vampire commander. Meanwhile, the vamp witch Mother moves to consolidate power on Gnish.

Image May 2019 2



WRITER: Kyle Starks 
ARTIST / COVER A: Erica Henderson 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Our surviving hitmen go into full-on kill mode as they try to take down the leader of the Merda Morra gang and maybe finally put this whole thing to bed. Though, you know, it IS a whole gang they’ll have to fight, and they WILL have to take down current No. 1 hitman Taipan to get the job done. Want to take bets on how many get out of this issue alive?

Image May 2019 3



WRITER: Charles Soule 
ARTIST / COVER A: Ryan Browne 

MAY 01 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“FAIRY TALE ENDING,” Part One (of Five) That’s right, CURSE WORDS is barreling to its epic conclusion—only five issues left. All questions will be answered, all spells will be cast—it’ll be just plain magical. In this issue, see Wizord and Ruby Stitch vanquish many enemies, only to face one they can’t sorcerize into submission… the truth!

Image May 2019 4



WRITER: Jonathan Hickman 
ARTIST / COVER A: Nick Dragotta 

MAY 08 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

“FAMINE” Five years of storytelling have led to this! The final arc of EAST OF WEST begins now. You wanted the End Times—well, here they come! HOLLYWOOD NEWS! Amazon Studios has put in development as an hour-long genre drama series from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta. They are teaming with Robert Kirkman who will executive produce via Skybound Entertainment’s first-look deal. The show will be created and executive produced by Hickman and Nick Dragotta and written by Hickman. Also executive producing alongside Skybound’s Kirkman will be Dave Alpert, Sean Furst, and Bryan Furst (Dice).

Image May 2019 5



WRITER: Zack Kaplan 
ARTIST / COVER A: Giovanni Timpano 

MAY 01 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

A confrontation unfolds between corrupt solar tycoons and the last albino immune to sunlight.

Image May 2019 6



WRITER: Christopher Sebela, James Asmus 
ARTIST / COVER A: Joe Infurnari, Jordan Boyd 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The sky is falling in on Abe, Claire, Rochelle, Hurwitz, and anyone unlucky enough to have wandered into their paths as their war against the Bug—and each other—gets bloodier. The end times of humanity are here.

Image May 2019 7



WRITER: Brandon Thomas 
ARTIST / COVER A: Emilio Lopez, Khary Randolph 

MAY 08 / 40 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Spencer Dales was born into a world of magic. His father belongs to the Aegis, a secret society of black magicians ordered by their unseen masters to better the lives of others—those with greater potential—but never themselves. Now it’s time for Spencer to follow in his father’s footsteps, but all he sees is a broken system in need of someone with the wand and the will to change it. But in this fight for a better future, who will stand beside him? KHARY RANDOLPH (We Are Robin, Noble, Black, TECH JACKET) and BRANDON THOMAS (HORIZON, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Noble, Voltron) ignite a generational war in this action-fantasy series, made entirely by creators of color, and committed to one truth above all others—Excellence is Real.

Image May 2019 8



WRITER: Brian Schirmer 
ARTIST / COVER A: Marissa Louise, Claudia Balboni 
COVER B: Benjamin Dewey 

MAY 15 / 40 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

When a Fairman is declared dead after a mishap with a dragon, his widow hires Jenner Faulds—the land’s only Fairlady—to prove otherwise. Jenner’s investigation will bring her head-to-head with the local constabulary, surly Fairmen, and deadly black marketeers.

Image May 2019 9



WRITER: Rob Guillory 
ARTIST: Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells 
COVER A: Taylor WellsRob Guillory 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The chickens finally come home to roost.

Image May 2019 10



WRITER: Sean Mackiewicz 
ARTIST / COVER A: Niko Walter, Mat Lopes 

MAY 01 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“VIVA MÉXICO” Ignore the narcos and the monsters they’ve unleashed. Ignore the gunfire and the cries from the dark. Ignore the first of many wars and the death of a nation. This is a love story. But not all love stories last.

Image May 2019 11



WRITER: Jeff Lemire 
ARTIST: Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart 
COVER A: Andrea Sorrentino 
COVER B: Gabriel Hernández Walta 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“STATIONS OF THE CROSS,” Part Two Father Burke’s hunt for The Laughing Man killer goes from the Old West to a steampunk version of Gideon Falls (complete with an otherworldly version of The Black Barn) where “The Bishop” is a new piece added to the cosmic chess board.

Image May 2019 12




MAY 01 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

From KEN GARING, the writer/artist of the acclaimed series PLANETOID, comes an all-new ongoing series of wonderfully weird high fantasy! Deep underground, among the floating islands of Altara, the mystical Gogor sleeps. But trouble brews above ground as soldiers of the Domus impose their will across the land. Now, a young student named Armano must awaken Gogor and begin his quest to protect the culture of Altara. This debut issue kicks off with 28 pages of story!

Image May 2019 13



WRITER: Jeff Rougvie 
ARTIST / COVER A: Moritat 

MAY 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Things are working out pretty good for Stunted Growth’s career, but they’ll find a way to screw that up. Things aren’t so hot for Brian Slade, but he’s oblivious, and these are all Martin’s problems anyway. Plus: don’t miss this issue’s background feature and Spotify playlist!

Image May 2019 14



WRITER: Kevin Smith 
ARTIST: Pernille Ørum 
COVER A / COVER B: Francesco Francavilla 
COVER C: Amanda Conner 

MAY 08 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!” Mindy’s ready for her close-up, and the huge, bloody showdown that’s about to take place on set. The gutsy, gory, cockamamie conclusion to Hit-Girl’s golden rage of Hollywood!

Image May 2019 15



WRITER: Ryan Cady 
ARTIST: Andrea Mutti 
COVER A: Nick Robles 

MAY 08 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Paranoia reigns supreme on the Orpheus, as fledgling leaders must choose between two terrifying unknowns. Meanwhile, Deva Karrell investigates nightmarish crimes with an unlikely ally.

Image May 2019 16



WRITER: Karl Kerschl, Brenden Fletcher 
ARTIST: Karl Kerschl, M.SASSY.K 
COVER A: Karl Kerschl 
COVER B: Fiona Staples 

MAY 29 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

A stranger leads Olwyn and Rook to question their journey. NOW BI-MONTHLY!

Image May 2019 17



WRITER: Steve Niles 
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Marcelo Frusin 
COVER C: Chris Burnham 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

New allies emerge from the shadows as Kick-Ass hunts the drug suppliers soiling her neighborhood. The Russians are cooking up meth in Albuquerque, and Patience is going to tear down their labs one by one.

Image May 2019 18



WRITER: Darcy Van Poelgeest 
ARTIST / COVER A: Ian Bertram 

MAY 15 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Axe leaves Elder’s Hope to destroy Northern Guard, and Little Bird is left behind to take out a small team of enemy soldiers when she stumbles upon a family secret that changes everything.

Image May 2019 19



WRITER: Skottie Young 
ARTIST / COVER A: Jorge Corona 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Just as the chance for a new life was starting to come together, Abel spirals out of control again and his adoptive family gets caught in the storm.

Image May 2019 20



WRITER: Marjorie Liu 
ARTIST / COVER A: Sana Takeda 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Maika is forced to rethink her entire past and future when she finds herself in the center of a dangerous conspiracy against the Known World.

Image May 2019 21



WRITER: Daniel Warren Johnson 
ARTIST: Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer 
COVER A: Mike Spicer, Daniel Warren Johnson 
COVER B: Paul Pope 

MAY 08 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON’s power ballad concludes in a brutal battle of the bands! The members of Brooticus have come too far to allow Magnum Khaos to reign on Earth. Strap on your axe, join the battle, and remember: METAL WILL DESTROY ALL EVIL!

Image May 2019 22



WRITER: Robert Kirkman 
ARTIST: Annalisa Leoni, Lorenzo De Felici 
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici 

MAY 15 / 28 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Face-to-“face” with the Faceless Men of Oblivion—what are they? What do they want? Where do they come from? These questions will NOT be answered in this issue.

Image May 2019 23



WRITER: Robert Kirkman 
ARTIST / COVER A: Paul Azaceta, Elizabeth Breitweiser 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Kyle has gathered more Outcasts together, and while it does make them stronger, it also brings greater danger.

Image May 2019 24



WRITER: Brian K. Vaughan 
ARTIST: Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson 
COVER A: Cliff Chiang 

MAY 01 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

PART THREE OF THE FINAL ARC! Experience four timelines simultaneously in this tour de force issue.

Image May 2019 25



WRITER: Zack Kaplan 
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrea Mutti 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

As Seattle faces a deadly alien epidemic, the Earth Security Agency has its human agents covertly tracking down the source of the outbreak, both within anti-Port human resistance groups and the Port of Earth itself. But the greatest threat comes from the Consortium’s continued challenges of humanity’s decisions, operations, and authority over our own planet’s security.

Image May 2019 26



WRITER: Donny Cates 
ARTIST / COVER A: Dee Cunniffe, Lisandro Estherren 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Welcome to Asilo Del Muerto, home to all the evils of this world and the next. But who is Carrona and why is he the only one who can save Bartlett?

Image May 2019 27

RUMBLE (2017) #12


WRITER: John Arcudi 
ARTIST / COVER A: David Rubín 
COVER B: Arvell Jones, Kevin Nowlan, Dave Stewart 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“LAST KNIGHT,” Part Two War has been defeated, but now the second Scourge Knight of the Apocalypse is upon us—and no magic, no sword, no wiseassery can stop it. This issue also features a variant cover by comics great ARVELL JONES, our second in a series of variant covers celebrating African American comics artists.

Image May 2019 28




MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“RETURN OF THE SCOURGE!” Malcolm Dragon’s deadliest foe returns, more powerful than ever! Another outstanding achievement from award-winning writer/artist ERIK LARSEN.

Image May 2019 29



WRITER: Karl Kesel 
ARTIST: Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett 
COVER A: Tom Grummett, Karl Kesel 
COVER B: George Perez 

MAY 08 / 36 pages / FC/ E / $3.99

“SOME THINGS SHOULD STAY BURIED” KARL KESEL (Harley Quinn, Superboy) and TOM GRUMMETT (The Death of Superman, Superboy) take SECTION ZERO to the Australian Outback, where the team makes a startling discovery—and suffers a huge loss!

Image May 2019 30



WRITER: Mat Groom 
ARTIST / COVER A: Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato 

MAY 01 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“A REAL PAIN-IN-THE-ASS ACCIDENT” Amala lost her family in her search for answers. Bryce lost his soul in his quest for revenge. Now, outside the walls of the universe, far beyond all that we understand, they come face-to-face for the last time.

Image May 2019 31



WRITER: Mark Millar 
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Simone Bianchi 
COVER C: John Paul Leon 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

With the fugitive finally captured, Sharkey sets course to claim his fee. But his rivals know the universe’s most-wanted terrorist is on Sharkey’s ship, and they won’t give up that prized bounty without a fight.

Image May 2019 32



WRITER: Joe Henderson 
ARTIST: Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela 
COVER A: Lee Garbett 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

“FIX THE WORLD,” Part Three Chicago is in terrible danger, and Willa finds herself trapped and unable to help save her home. It’s up to Edison to rally the city and try to protect it from the Farmers’ Revolt. But will it be enough? Can Willa figure out how to get there in time?

Image May 2019 32



WRITER / COVER B: Bryan Lee O'Malley 
ARTIST / COVER A: Leslie Hung 

MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

The boys go out to celebrate Ashley’s bachelor party. Lottie lies low following an embarrassing incident. The past haunts Virgil. Wow, it sounds so cool when you put it in short, declarative sentences! Nice!

Image May 2019 34

SPAWN #297


WRITER: Todd McFarlane 
ARTIST: Jason Shawn Alexander 
COVER A / COVER B: Francesco Mattina 
COVER C: Francesco Mattina, Todd McFarlane 

MAY 29 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $2.99

“THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF AL SIMMONS,” Part Two The history of Spawn continues as Al Simmons’ war with Heaven and Hell is brought to light. TODD McFARLANE and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER continue their exploration of the epic SPAWN saga, leading to the recording-setting 300th issue!

Image May 2019 35



WRITER: Seth M. Peck 
ARTIST / COVER A: Jeremy Haun, Nick Filardi 
COVER B: Matt Allison 

MAY 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

A much-needed respite becomes a bloodbath when the preacher and his kin invite Will to join the family.

Image May 2019 36



WRITER: Robert Kirkman 
ARTIST: Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano 
COVER A: Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart 

MAY 01 / 32 pages / BW/ M / $3.99

“THE LAST STAND” Words are spoken. Alliances are broken. All the trouble that’s been brewing in the Commonwealth finally comes to a head.

Image May 2019 37



MAY 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“ROGUE PLANET” Prin Salu, Archduchess of The Science Guild, and her valet Narrowmeer fold space into The Forbidden Zone. Six months later, Operation: All-Weather devastates The West Coast.

Image May 2019 38



WRITER: Kieron Gillen 
ARTIST / COVER A: Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson 
COVER B: Miquel Muerto, Emma Ríos 

MAY 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“OKAY,” Part Five There’s one “i” in “decide” but two in “deicide.” I’m not sure if that tells you anything, but it sounds pretty enigmatic, right?

Image May 2019 39



WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Mirka Andolfo 
COVER B: Giorgio Cavazzano 

MAY 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

THE LAST ACT OF MIRKA ANDOLFO’S SOLD-OUT HIT SERIES! Newspapers call her a killer, her allies are dead or beaten to a pulp, and her enemies are closing in on her. Oh, and she still has a major “inner demons” problem to face. So let’s agree that Leslie’s not in a good spot right now and just leave it there, all right? As we enter the third and final act of MIRKA ANDOLFO’s epic, things get pretty serious; we learn more about the world of UNNATURAL and the secret origins of the Glance. Will Leslie be strong enough to survive all this, or is this really the end of the line for her?

Image May 2019 40



ARTIST / COVER A: Dema Jr., Carlos Miko 

MAY 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Turn reaches out for help, and Lisa—cousin of Internal Affairs Investigator Tasha Ar-Amad—answers the call.

Image May 2019 41

WITCHBLADE (2017) #15


WRITER: Caitlin Kittredge 
ARTIST / COVER A: Roberta Ingranata 

MAY 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“LAST DAYS,” Part Three Alex makes it back from the apocalyptic future to the present, but not everyone makes it back with her. She and Haley face off, and Alex quickly discovers the event that kicks off the demonic takeover of New York is fast approaching.