Image Comics unleashes the apocalyptic fantasy world of The Realm this fall

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Jun 20, 2017, 1:50 PM EDT

When we think of the end of the world, we tend to think of it as being caused by science, or lack thereof. Whether it’s rampant artificial intelligence, global warming, zombie virus outbreaks, nuclear war, or hyper-intelligent apes, our modern visions of the apocalypse are decidedly science-fiction-flavored affairs. But what if the apocalypse wasn’t what we were expecting? What if instead of science, our downfall was a bit more… fantastic?

That’s the idea behind The Realm, an all-new creator-owned series from Image Comics by writer Seth M. Peck and artist Jeremy Haun. Peck has written previous Image series like Sorrow with Rick Remender as well as a brief run on X-Men at Marvel, while Haun has drawn numerous comics for various publishers, but recently garnered critical acclaim writing and drawing his Image series The Beauty.

Peck and Haun’s new collaboration, The Realm, is set 15 years after the world was invaded and forever changed by an onslaught of fantasy creatures like “orcs, dragons, and other nameless horrors,” putting an end to human civilization as we know it, and ushering in an age of violence and chaos. It’s such a big and imaginative story, the creators argue, that it could only be told in comics.

“You can have an F-14 take on a dragon in the skies over Chicago, or have a horde of orcs lay siege to the White House without worrying about special effects or budgets,” says Peck. “At the same time, you can tell very intimate, emotional, and human stories and develop complicated, meaningful characters over the course of time.” Meanwhile, Haun described the book as one he’s been waiting his whole life to draw, citing “post-apocalyptic landscapes, dark magical citadels,” and “machine gun-toting barbarians” among the reasons.

The first issue is out in September, and personally, I’m already sold. I got the best kind of Reign of Fire-vibes from the “F-14 vs. dragon” description, but this seems to take that to an even crazier level. Plus, as is evident from the striking first issue cover below, Haun is an extraordinary artist who is sure to deliver the magic the series demands. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a variant cover by someone who knows a thing or two about post-apocalypses, Walking Dead artist Tony Moore.

Will you be taking a trip to The Realm this fall? Do you think the orc horde should be allowed to take the White House? Let us know in the comments below!

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