Image of the day: 16 real-life U.S. space crafts laid out side-by-side to scale

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Dec 12, 2014, 9:45 AM EST

With NASA hoping to use its next spacecraft and rocket to eventually get us to Mars, it’s easy to see that the new Space Launch System definitely looks the part — especially compared to rockets from previous generations.

A graphic lifted from some NASA documents has been enlarged and cleaned up, showing off an epic side-by-side chart of everything from the Orbital AA-2 to the NASA space shuttle and the U.S. space agency’s epic new Space Launch System to scale. Space X’s Falcon is also represented.

It’s amazing to see the evolution of U.S. space travel splayed out in front of us, and it seems the only direction we’re going is bigger and bigger. At least until we break the Warp barrier, or something. 

Head over to Sploid for an even bigger version of the graphic.

(Via Sploid)