Image of the Day: Is AMC already hinting at the Whisperers on The Walking Dead?

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Oct 17, 2016, 1:35 PM EDT

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) barely made a killing on The Walking Dead (which has just picked up a 16-episode Season 8 renewal), but it looks like the show may already be hinting at yet another group of antagonistic zombie-apocalypse survivors that don’t appear until much, much later in the pages of Robert Kirkman’s comics.

The official Instagram page for the AMC zombie series has released this image of a severed head on a spike. Now, readers of the comics will already know that this is something a group of survivors called the Whisperers do. They wear the skins of the dead in order to walk amongst the walkers without getting noticed. They also whisper so as not to alert the zombies...hence, the name.

Since Negan’s first appearance was in issue #100 and the Whisperers don’t arrive until issue #130, my guess is that we won’t see the Whisperers just yet (our group already has Negan and the Saviors to contend with and that should take the most of the upcoming Season 7 to deal with, before they kick off issue #115's "All Out War' storyline) but their presence will be hinted at. What do you guys think?