Image of the Day: Andrew Lincoln is on the money (No, really)

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Apr 28, 2017, 1:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Andrew Lincoln is the star of AMC's The Walking Dead. He isn't the President. But he is on this $5 bill.

That's because someone with way more talent than me took a pen to this paper and in a few strokes changed our beloved President Abraham to our beloved Rick Grimes stand-in. They even added Walkers, because Rick without a zombie is like a day without The Walking Dead.

This is some damn fine fan art, even if it is defacing a bill. But it turns out in the United States, it's not illegal to write on money. It's only illegal if you alter currency with the intent to defraud. So whatever you do, don't pass this note with the intent of claiming that Andrew Lincoln is our 16th president. As long as you claim it's merely a fabulous fiver, you should be fine.

Americans aren't the only graffiti artists with a sense of humor. A Canadians have been long altering their C$5 notes by turning Sir Wilfred Laurier into Mr. Spock.

Compare the altered bill with a picture of Andrew. Color me impressed.