Image of the Day: Arrow's Stephen Amell shows off his new costume for Season 4

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Jul 14, 2015, 2:12 PM EDT (Updated)

Arrow’s suit has always been a practical one, made to conceal his identity and protect him from bullets, knives, and John Barrowman. But starting in season 4, when Oliver Queen tells people they have failed this city, he will do so in style. 

This new suit is much sexier than the previous one, which had been subtly updated once before. His bandolier has been replaced by a strip of arrow tips that extend over his pecs. His shoulders have been bulked up, too—but his arms are now exposed, giving us a better look at his defined biceps.

According to Deadline, Greg Berlanti, the producer of Arrow said that the new suit (which was created by Arrow costume designer Maya Mani) “is going to reflect who he becomes, not where he has been.”

We’re not sure if the new suit is as practical as the previous one, but it certainly is more eye-catching. 


In addition to the new look, the CW has also released a season 3 highlight reel, for those of you who want a refresher. Check it out.

Via ComicVine.


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