Image of the Day: Big Hero 6's Baymax turned into a life-sized bed. Thank you, Japan.

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Jul 29, 2015, 5:52 PM EDT

If you were jealous of Hiro and the gang when they got to snuggle up with Baymax in Big Hero 6, you’re in luck — Japan is here to save the day.

Some of the weirdest and coolest stuff comes out of Japan, and this life-size Baymax bed does not disappoint. Available from DeNA Shopping for approximately $398 (49,800 yen), this completely unofficial Baymax bed measures seven and a half feet from top to bottom, and is made of polypropylene fiber. We cannot vouch for whether or not it feels like spooning a giant marshmallow. Though, yeah, it pretty much looks that way.

Check out the adorable bed in action below, and feel free to order one right here. Admittedly, you should probably expect a few weeks for delivery.

(Via Comic Book Movie)