Image of the Day: Bryce Dallas Howard stares down a dino in new Jurassic World poster

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Apr 17, 2015, 2:55 PM EDT (Updated)

In a little less than two months, Jurassic World will roar into theaters, hopefully bringing with it a revitalized franchise that will also continue to drive the Chris Pratt blockbuster machine. It's been very interesting to look at the film's promotional materials so far and see how it's hoping to both maintain ties to the first chapter of the saga and head off in adventurous new directions. The raptors are still here, for example, but Pratt's character has a "mutual respect" relationship with them. The park is still here, but this time, instead of a test run, it's fully operational and open to a very eager public. This time, the person speaking for the park isn't the idealistic, twinkle-eyed John Hammond, but the businesslike and distant Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). And, of course, instead of the terrors of a T. Rex, the film is bringing us an all-new, genetically modified prehistoric menace: Indominux Rex

Though we've seen plenty of glimpses of the creature in the film's trailers, and even full-sized promotional images, we won't get to truly see Indominus Rex in action until the film rolls, but that doesn't mean it can't be put to use in other menacing ways. Today Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow tweeted out a brand-new poster that features Dearing face to face with the beast. Check it out:

It's easily one of the most striking images we've seen from the film so far, a powerful contrast between the pure, yet cold, corporate environment of Dearing and the lush, yet savage, world of Indominus Rex. The Jurassic series has always been about these two worlds -- the managed and structured human world and the vibrant and volatile dinosaur world -- colliding, and this image makes it clear all over again just how much focus there is on that theme in Jurassic World

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12, and a new trailer for the film drops next week.

(Via Colin Trevorrow)

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