Image of the Day: Captain America and Iron Man call a truce to make a fan smile

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May 25, 2016

Even the tumultuous events of Captain America: Civil War couldn't stop Steve Rogers and Tony Stark from coming to a fan in need.

Well, their alter egos of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. did, anyway. Asked by Gwyneth Paltrow to take a "road trip" with her and visit an 18-year-old Marvel fan named Ryan Wilcox in San Diego, where he is battling cancer, the two biggest stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hopped on a quinjet -- all right, it was a regular plane -- and headed to Ryan's side.


It seems that Paltrow had caught wind of a request posted online by Ryan's family, which said that the young man "absolutely LOVES Captain America and the Avengers, and what we want for Ryan if possible is to meet the actors and actresses of the Avengers, especially Chris Evans who plays Captain America."


Although all the Avengers couldn't make it, Ryan did get to meet his favorite, and judging by the photos, Downey was quite happy to be there, too, even if it was clear that Ryan was on Team Cap. But on this day, the two conflicted heroes set aside their differences, and both stepped up for Team Ryan.

Now enjoy the photos below while I go get this dust out of my eyes ...

(via Collider)

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