Image of the Day: The 'cheat sheet' moviegoers were given to see 1984's Dune

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Aug 18, 2014, 10:41 AM EDT

Way back when the ambitious sci-fi classic Dune opened in 1984, the studio was so worried that audiences wouldn’t be able to follow the story that they created this insane cheat sheet to give attendees.

Dubbed “Dune Terminology,” the double-sided sheet essentially breaks down all the terms and phrases you might need to know to actually follow the movie. The handout recently resurfaced after a fan fished one out of his collection, and it serves as an intriguing bit of cinema history.

According to io9, the cheat sheet was created because the studio was concerned your average movie fan wouldn’t be able to just jump into the extremely complex world. So they gave folks this sheet ... so they could squint and try to read it in the darkened theater, while the movie played on in the background? Makes sense, right?

Regardless, check out both sides of the paper below and enjoy the walk down memory lane:

(Via io9)