Image of the Day: The Court of Owls is coming in new Gotham S3 poster

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Jul 22, 2016, 11:52 AM EDT (Updated)

The Court of Owls "New 52" storyline crafted by superstar Batman writer Scott Snyder is one of my all-time favorites, pecking deep into the history of the masked Gotham secret society and breeding a fearsome new strain of villain with the introduction of the clawed enforcer legion, Talons.  The Court of Owls has already been revealed in Season 2 of Gotham and now comes a new teaser poster heralding their authoritative arrival when the series starts up again in September.  Last season, Gotham's ominous avian order was exposed as the puppetmasters behind Hugo Strange and hinted at their involvement in the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  Check out this SDCC 2016 poster from FOX for the newest chapter of Gotham and judge whether or not the Court of Owls will fly high this fall.  Gotham returns on September 19, 2016.


(Via Comics Alliance)





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