Image of the day: Curiosity Rover captures stunning shot of its damaged wheel on Mars

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Dec 23, 2014, 10:59 AM EST (Updated)

As you’d expect, Mars isn’t exactly the most hospitable planet out there. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be gorgeously deadly.

It’s been well documented that the time NASA’s Curiosity Rover has spent cruising around the Red Planet has caused some immense damage and decay to the craft’s equipment. Heck, they had to basically pause the rover’s journey and change their driving techniques because the wheels were starting to fall apart earlier this year.

Though they’ve figured out a way to slow down the degradation, Curiosity’s wheels are still taking a beating on that rocky Martian surface. Need proof? The craft snapped the gorgeous shot above (which has been color-corrected and enhanced for clarity -Ed.) recently, showing off one of its wheels resting on the red soil.

The angle makes for a unique perspective, and it’s still awe-inspiring to think that the little ‘bot is cruising around 249 million miles from home on an alien planet. Just wow.

(Via Sploid)

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