Image of the Day: Cybersquirrel is nuts about Doctor Who

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Jan 8, 2015, 5:23 PM EST

If you see this picture and think "Photoshopped," you would be mistaken. But if you happened to think, "Meticulously planned, hand-crafted photo opportunity," you would be spot-on. 

According to CultofMac, Doctor Who fan Emma Young created this squirrel feeder with a photo op like this in mind: "The Cyberman head used to be a shower radio and Young gutted it, loaded it with peanut butter and nuts and suspended it from a tree branch in her garden."

Doctor Who
Chris Balcolme

Professional photographer Chris Balcombe was on hand to capture the moment. 

Be honest: If you saw this in your backyard, wouldn't you be at least a little startled?