Image of the Day: Daniel Radcliffe is touring the country with his own corpse

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Jun 10, 2016, 3:54 PM EDT

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is doing a unique promotional stunt for his new movie.

Radcliffe -- who has become something of a genre staple in films like Horns, The Woman in Black and Victor Frankenstein -- stars in the upcoming horror comedy Swiss Army Man as a dead person. That's right. A corpse -- who happens to talk, walk, pass gas and indulge in other kinds of strange behavior after he washes up on the shore of an island and becomes the unlikely companion of an odd young man named Hank (Paul Dano) who is marooned there. Man and cadaver then embark on a wild adventure together that will "bring Hank back to the woman of his dreams," according to the official synopsis.

The movie premiered last January at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was heralded by both acclaim and walkouts, and indie distributor A24 picked it up for release this summer. And now Radcliffe is out on a promotional tour for the film, accompanied by his own dead body double (named Manny).

Radcliffe and Manny are hitting a handful of U.S. cities on their trek, with New York City and Los Angeles already in the rearview mirror and places like Washington DC, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles next. There are no exact dates for each visit, but they're reportedly headed to Denver this weekend. And anyone who spots their bus may get the opportunity to jump on board and take a special tour of that city with Radcliffe and Manny as their guides.

Swiss Army Man opens in New York and Los Angeles on June 24 and expands nationally on July 1. Watch the red-band trailer here.

(via Slashfilm)