Image of the Day: DC unveils a new logo for Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary

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Jun 15, 2016, 2:43 PM EDT

Wonder Woman may be celebrating her 75th anniversary this year, but the Amazon princess hasn't aged a day since she was created by William Moulton Marston and artist H. G. Peter in December of 1941 -- being an immortal demigoddess and all that.

In order to celebrate the character’s bday, Wonder Woman is not only getting a new comic book series and a new costume for her DC Rebirth incarnation, new toys (including a very cool DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman action figure with invisible jet), a clothing line, and her first solo movie in 2017, but DC Comics has also unleashed a brand new logo for the world’s most iconic female superhero.


Talking about the invisible jet, some fans may be disappointed to hear it won’t put in an “appearance” in director Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman movie. DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said about the superhero film:

“It will have its own tone and look – it's beautiful. There is humor in it, there is real emotion in Diana's journey in discovering the complexity of man. There is no invisible jet. Not in this iteration.”

Oh, well. Looks like we’ll have to get our hands on that San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusive Wonder Woman action figure to get our invisible jet fix.

(via People)