Image of the Day: The epic Alex Ross cover for Marvel's Secret Wars #1

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Nov 18, 2014, 3:23 PM EST (Updated)

Marvel Comics is resurrecting Secret Wars, and the publisher just unveiled the stunning Alex Ross cover for the first issue.

Earlier this month, after weeks of teasing the return of events like Secret WarsCivil WarPlanet HulkAge of Apocalypse and many more, Marvel revealed its real plans for its spring 2015 event: the return of Battleworld, and a new Secret Wars miniseries that will see versions of heroes from many alternate Marvel timelines battling for survival. The event is both a nod to the Secret Wars series of the past and a chance for Marvel to reckon with many of its universe-shattering events from recent years. 

The new Secret Wars series will be written by Jonathan Hickman (AvengersInfinity) and drawn by Esad Ribic (Thor: God of Thunder), both high-profile Marvel creators who've already proven themselves with major Marvel events in recent years. Covers for the event will be painted by legendary comics artist Alex Ross, and this week Marvel gave us a look at Ross' work on Issue One, featuring everyone from Captain Marvel to Black Bolt to Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. Check it out:

Secret Wars arrives in May.