Image of the Day: Ferocious life-sized T-rex balloon sculpture

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Dec 13, 2016, 1:09 PM EST (Updated)

When the thermometer drops in the Great White North, thoughts often turn to crackling fires, ice hockey and making life-sized prehistoric balloon animals!

Mark Verge is a six-time World Balloon Modeling Champion living in Ontario, Canada, who loves creating balloon art on a massive scale.  Check out this rubbery, 43-foot-long recreation of the flesh-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex, crafted from 700 individual balloons over a period of several days.  Verge has attached lamp stands to parts of this primeval creature's squishy body, allowing it to move and pose in menacing positions.  Sadly, this balloon T-rex had a short life and deflated after a couple days.

Have a look at the construction video below and tell us if this might be a hobby you'd be interested in taking up!

(Via Geekologie)