Horror icon and director Wes Craven

Image of the Day: Filmmakers gather to honor the late Wes Craven

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Sep 23, 2015, 5:53 PM EDT

The film world is still reeling from the loss of Wes Craven, the iconic horror director who gave us A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, who passed away late last month. We've seen tributes of all kinds in the weeks since Craven's death, from critics and fans and peers, and while there was no doubt that Craven's legacy was strong even when he was alive, it feels even stronger now.

What's most telling about how much Craven mattered to film is how many fellow filmmakers considered him an influence and mentor. He mattered to them not just because of the filmmaker he was, but because of the person he was, and that's why images like the one that recently surfaced on Twitter make such striking tributes.

Last week, Juan of the Dead director Alejandro Brugues tweeted the image below, featuring more than two dozen filmmakers gathered at a dinner in Craven's honor.


Among the attendees are Texas Chain Saw Massacre director Tobe Hooper, Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon, The Stand director Mick Garris, Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, Planet Terror director Robert Rodriguez, Cabin Fever director Eli Roth and many more. The people in that room represent a hefty chunk of the best horror cinema of the last 35 years or so, many of them are very busy people, and yet they all took time to come together for Craven. If that doesn't tell you how much the man mattered, I don't know what will.

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