Image of the Day: The Flash villain Girder almost looked like a Transformer

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Dec 2, 2014

We’re barely halfway into The Flash’s first season, and the Arrow spinoff is already digging deep into the comic canon to find super-powered villains. Well, one of them almost looked very, very different.

We thoroughly enjoyed Greg Finley’s take on Girder, with a look that was obviously heavily inspired by X-Men’s Colossus. But, as some new concept art reveals, the producers were originally eyeing a design more in line with his comic counterpart — with a dash of Transformers thrown into the mix.

Concept artist John Gallagher has released a surprisingly awesome piece of unused concept art, showing off what he describes as a “scrap metal found object aesthetic” that was considered early on. According to Gallagher, that was part of an effort to “bridge the original with a next gen look.”

Though they ultimately went with the slick design you see above, Girder could’ve looked like this if they'd followed this design concept:

So, which look do you prefer?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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