Image of the Day: The harsh difficulties of filming dragons on Game of Thrones

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Nov 20, 2014

Doesn’t it suck that dragons don’t exist in real life? It would make the life of a Game of Thrones prop guy so much easier.

Here’s what Dave Hill, a staff writer for Game of Thrones who’s been blogging from the set of season five, recently said about the matter:

Dragons are ornery creatures. Some days, no matter how hard you coax them, they just continue to not exist. On those days, our props department calls down fire and blood with a four-headed blowtorch. Like today. Did our Brian McGraw – a stand-by chargehand prop in the Dragon Unit – ever look down at the bones and earth he was scorching and silently roar, imagining his protective suit as scales and the fuel rig on his back as wings?

Probably not. He was busy enough trying not to cook his legs. Or anything else down there.

(via Making Game of Thrones)

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