Image of the Day: Here's how to determine if an exoplanet is habitable

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Dec 16, 2014, 10:53 AM EST (Updated)

In case you ever decide to steal a spaceship — or if you’re forced to make a run for it from Cylons — this handy flowchart could help you determine whether a planet is worth making a pit stop.

Popular Science put the graphic together, which addresses everything from a planet’s age to the atmosphere to the composition and makeup. It’s an interesting way to break things down, and it makes all these larger concepts easy to follow for the laymen among us — and also shows the direct correlation those factors can have to habitability.

Considering that some scientists believe there could be thousands of potentially habitable planets out there falling in the “Goldilocks zone” (not too hot or too cold — just right), this flowchart is an easy way to figure out if they’d actually support alien life — or an eventual human colony.

Head here for a high-def version. Follow along below, and happy planet-hunting!

(Via Popular Science)

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