Image of the Day: Humongous live-action Attack on Titan poster

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Dec 18, 2014, 12:27 PM EST (Updated)

Here's a colossal new poster for next summer's live-action Attack on Titan blockbuster, revealed at an extensive Tokyo art exhibit celebrating the manga sensation.   While the gigantic flesh-eating Titans in the comics and anime series stand about 200 feet tall, the movie version will debut a super-tall Titan towering over 400 feet, even dwarfing Godzilla's stature in Gareth Edwards' monster flick.  

This vivid poster, with its The World Is Cruel tagline, accurately depicts the scale of a demonic creature so lofty and gives you a taste of the madness to come when Attack on Titan rampages into theaters in summer of 2015.  Are you prepared for the invasion?

(Via io9)

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