Image of the day: Jamie Lee Curtis and son cosplay at Warcraft premiere

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Jun 7, 2016, 2:51 PM EDT

Who knew one of our favorite genre actresses was a gamer too?

Well, actually, she's not. But the great Jamie Lee Curtis, star of Halloween, The Fog, True Lies and many other beloved movies, got her cosplay on to attend the premiere of the new Warcraft movie with her son. 

Here you see Curtis dressed to the nines as an orc shaman, with her son Tom as a warrior:



They went all-out, huh? Apparently, however, it's Tom who's the hardcore Warcraft player in the family, as Curtis told Entertainment Tonight:

We’re serious about our games. My son Tom is a player and I’m a supporter. I think that what Blizzard has done has changed the universe.

Here they are with cosplayer/bodybuilder Alicia Marie:



And just in case you didn't think Curtis knows what she's talking about, here she is with her son and a friend yelling the famous "Leeroy Jenkins” war cry (which I had to look up myself, not being a player):



Even if she doesn't play the game herself, how awesome is it that Curtis supports her son's passion for it to the point of cosplaying? Which, by the way, she's also done before:



Look, I'm guessing that most of us love our moms dearly, but surely there isn't a cooler mom in the world than Jamie Lee Curtis. What's the coolest geek-related thing your mom has ever done for you?

(via Slashfilm)