Image of the Day: Jaxxon returns in new Star Wars #1 variant cover

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Nov 7, 2014

Everyone's favorite space rabbit is back.

Though he only appeared in a handful of Star Wars comics in the late 1970s, the witty, mischievous smuggler known as Jaxxon remains a fan-favorite character. More than a few readers remember him fighting alongside Han Solo in the pages of Marvel Comics, and now that Star Wars is reunited with Marvel, many of those readers were hoping to see Jaxxon again. Well, he might not be getting any new adventures, but he did at least just get his first Marvel Comics appearance in decades as part of a new "Party Variant" cover for Star Wars #1. 

Arriving in January, the new comic from writer Jason Aaron, artist John Cassaday and colorist Laura Martin will serve as the flagship title in a new line of Star Wars comics from Marvel, and it's coming out with quite a bit of fanfare. Star Wars launch parties will be happening all over the country, and if you happen to attend such a party, you have a shot at snagging this launch-party exclusive variant cover by artist John Tyler Christopher, featuring Jaxxon getting shut out of the fun.

Star Wars #1 arrives in January. 

(Via Star Wars)

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