Image of the Day: Jim Gordon's Project Batman blueprints

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Jun 17, 2015

Here's a peek under the armor of the rabbit-eared cyber suit Jim Gordon is now sporting in Scott Snyder's and Greg Capullo's ongoing Batman comic-book series, starting with this month's issue of Batman #41.  We first showed you the Chappie-like armored exo-suit back in March and even slipped you into the skin-tight Bat-underwear Gordon uses inside the steel-blue contraption.  Now inspect these detailed blueprints for this high-tech crimefighting apparel, released by DC Comics. 

They highlight the many amazing features of the sleek powered suit, revealing the locations and functions of its strobe lights, sonic weaponry, arm cannons, cape-shaped bomb shield, digital camouflage, fuel cells, thermal optics, neural guidance systems and much more.  According to DC's exploration page, "made of a cutting edge new nano-carbon that provides superior protection as well as instant customization, Powers International's new Batsuit is a technical achievement that will change the face of super heroics forever." 

Take an expanded look here and tell us if you think Jim Gordon's ever gonna want to give it back.

(Via Comic Book Movie)


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