Image of the Day: Kara visits Superman's Fortress of Solitude on Supergirl

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Feb 14, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

The CBS series Supergirl hasn’t been shy about embracing the more comic book-y corners of the DC universe, and now its introducing a key piece of the Superman mythos.

Next week’s episode, “Solitude,” will apparently send Kara off to Supes’ super-secret hideout hidden on an icy tundra. Kara is apparently tapping into the knowledge base at Supes’ base to research a new villain (Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort) she’ll be facing, which seems like a valid enough reason.

The CBS series has been walking the tightrope around introducing Superman in a tangible sense, as we’ve seen him communicate with Kara via IM, and show up once (after Kara was passing out) to help bail her out of a fight. Introducing the Fortress is a big step into Superman’s territory, and it’ll be interesting to see if we eventually do get to meet a small-screen version of Clark Kent.

Here’s the episode’s official synopsis:

Kara travels to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in hopes of learning how to defeat Indigo (Laura Vandervoort), a dangerous being who can transport via the Internet and who has a connection to Kara’s past. Also, James’s relationship with Lucy reaches a crossroads.

Of note: The concept of a Fortress of Solitude was first introduced back in Superman #17 in 1942, and evolved quite a bit in the years to follow. Typically, its located in an icy locale (like the one in Supergirl), and it seems they’ll be playing pretty close to the canon on this one.

Supergirl airs Mondays on CBS.

Check out the first look below:


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