Image of the Day: Learn to read Kryptonian in new set pic from CBS's Supergirl

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Aug 13, 2015

A new set photo from CBS's Supergirl series has been revealed, and it shows off a piece of the ship that brought Kara to Earth. As for the detail work? The production team is definitely going above and beyond.

The shot shows a piece of Kara’s spacecraft, which features some Kryptonian writing on the side. It’s a nice peek at how they’ll be adapting the look of Kyptonian technology, and also shows the level of detail they’re going to in regard to accuracy (for a comic book, yes I know it’s not real) and easter eggs. The pic comes from series producer Ari Adler.

Check out the set pic below:

In case you’re wondering what it says, here is the apparent translation:

  • Upper Left Quadrant: 96638132
  • Upper Right Quadrant: HOUSE OF EL
  • Middle Left Quadrant: 966 381 3 6
  • Dead Center Quadrant: 1997
  • Lower Mid Quadrant: 557 391 67 8
  • Lower Right Quadrant: 678


Supergirl is set to premiere Oct. 26 on CBS.

(Via HitFix)

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