Image of the Day: Neill Blomkamp reveals new pulse rifle for his Alien sequel

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Oct 23, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

We’re not exactly sure when we’ll get to see it, but Neill Blomkamp is quietly toiling away on his new Alien sequel — and now he’s showing off some awesome new xenomorph-hunting gear.

The director has taken to Instagram to show off a new version of the classic pulse rifle, now featuring a Rail Interface System (RIS), which allows the user to attach different accessories (laser sight, flashlight, can opener, etc.). It looks very cool, like an updated spin on the original weapon, but with some nice references to the original design. Since this project is meant to pick up with original characters like Ripley and Hicks, it’s nice to see the old weapons making a comeback.

Blomkamp basically willed himself into helming this new Alien film, after working up concept art and a story pitch on his own. But his project got itself bumped down the pipeline when Ridley Scott got hot and heavy with his Prometheus sequel, now dubbed Alien: Paradise Lost. Scott’s film is set to hit in May 2017, and Blomkamp’s sequel could be at least 1-2 years after that.

Check out the new rifle below, and take solace that work is still rolling along:


(Via Neill Blomkamp, Dread Central)