Image of the Day: New U.S. map identifies UFO hotspots

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Apr 7, 2015, 10:43 AM EDT (Updated)

Had any close encounters with unidentified flying objects lately?  If so, chances are you live in the far west, where the deer and the antelope (and UFOs) play, at least according to this new UFO sighting map compiled by the California tech firm FindTheBest.  Researchers rounded up 61,000 unexplained sightings across the United States, distilling them down to 39,000 cases, then determined exact longitude and latitude pairs and compared the data to county census records. 

The result is this comprehensive sightings analysis that breaks down UFO reports per capita, not accounting for clever hoaxes or unreported encounters.  While nearly 98 percent of the cases can be explained away by natural phenomena, it's those last 2 percent that keep us staring up at the stars. 

Take a look and see where your region falls on the interactive saucer sighting scale below, especially if you reside in the wild, wild West.

(Via io9)

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