Image of the Day: Paul Feig shares a first look at Ghostbusters' new Ecto-1

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Jul 8, 2015

Now that production on the all-female Ghostbusters reboot is well underway, director and co-writer Paul Feig is sharing some glimpses at the film's design. Last month Feig shared the first image of the team's new uniforms, along with a glimpse at the new proton pack design, and now it's time to see another essential element of the group: Their classic hearse-turned-response vehicle, Ecto-1.

Last night, Feig offered our first look at the car via his Twitter page:


Then, when a fan asked if they could also see the back of the car, Feig was happy to oblige:


As with the proton packs and the uniforms, this feels like a riff on the classic car, but while the original Ecto-1 was a car from the '50s that Ray Stantz managed to get cheap, this is a car from the '80s that present-day Ghostbusters would likely be able to get equally cheap. It doesn't have the '50s charm of the original, but it does have something the classic Ecto-1 didn't: A really cool hood ornament.

Ghostbusters arrives July 22, 2016. What do you think of the new car design?

(Via Paul Feig)

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