Image of the Day: Peter Capaldi draws his own trippy Doctor Who card art

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Mar 21, 2016

Peter Capaldi shows his flair for art in this awesome appreciation card he drew for one of the Doctor Who comic-book artists, Rachael Stott.   The watercolor painting depicts his lanky Time Lord hopping across the rings of some distant world with a personal message written below.   Stott is currently working on Titan's The Twelfth Doctor Adventures - Year Two series and was thrilled to score such a cool gift.  Have a look..


Here's her jubilant reaction as told to Comic Book Resources:

Even though my job is constantly awesome and ridiculous, that ranks very highly as one of the most awesome and ridiculous things to have happened to me. To not only get a letter, but a beautiful painting off your hero? I think that’s a once in a lifetime experience. I’m incredibly lucky.

What do you think of Capaldi's artistic talents?

(Via Nerd Approved)


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