Image of the Day: Peter Capaldi gets Peter Davison's companion

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Mar 19, 2014, 9:44 AM EDT (Updated)

That time the 12th Doctor hung out with the Fifth Doctor's loudest companion.

We now officially have two Doctors in Who that share the name Peter, so it's only fitting that one of Davison's former companions get chummy with Capaldi. And who better than the original mouth on legs herself, Tegan Jovanka?

Actor Janet Fielding tweeted this image of herself and Capaldi, saying, "Now, what are we up to? Only Time will tell..."

While I, for one, would certainly welcome a Tegan return, it's more likely that Capaldi is aiding Fielding in her ongoing Project Motormouth, which brings together people who have been involved with Doctor Who over the years to help raise money to rebuild the derelict West Cliff Hall.

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