Image of the Day: Peter Mayhew's Star Wars script confirms who shot first

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Jun 16, 2015, 11:50 AM EDT (Updated)

The whole "who shot first" saga between everyone's favorite space smuggler, Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and galactic bounty hunter Greedo is finally coming to an epic conclusion. Peter Mayhew (Han’s faithful Wookiee sidekick Chewbacca) has taken to Facebook to confirm who originally did shoot first in the (in)famous Mos Eisley Cantina scene.

And he’s got some irrefutable physical evidence.

The actor has posted images of his Star Wars: A New Hope shooting script, revealing who it was that shot first, and putting an end to a decades-long debate. Mayhew wrote: "This should settle the Original story of 'who shot first'...after all these years, it still feels like I'm leaking a story line — feeling amused." Check it out:

When the movie was released in theaters back in 1977, there was no doubt whatsoever that it was Han who shot first. When George Lucas updated the Star Wars flicks in 1997, however, he made it so that Greedo was the one who shot first, not Han. And like it or hate it, the director has been sticking to his laser guns ever since. What do you think? Which version of "who shot first" do you prefer? Do you stand by the original, or George Lucas's revised one?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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