Image of the Day: Ryan Reynolds behind the scenes of Deadpool, one year from release

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Feb 13, 2015, 12:54 PM EST (Updated)

If you don’t have Google Calendar set to remind you of nifty release dates that are exactly one year away, Ryan Reynolds is here to help. Deadpool is coming.

With Deadpool slated to hit the big screen on Feb. 12, 2016, Reynolds has dropped the first legit behind-the-scenes photo from the long-awaited X-Men spinoff. In it, we get to see Reynolds looking over costume prototypes. There’s a mask in the foreground, and some gloves on the table. But the photo is actually in sepia tones, so it’s hard to make out much else.

We've already heard the budget won't be huge, but it seems Reynolds and the creative team really have a ton of passion for the project. That can take you a lot further than a truck full of cash. It's taken a long time to get off the ground, but it looks like we're finally getting the Deadpool movie we've been waiting for.

Regardless — Deadpool is happening. Right now, on some film lot, Ryan Reynolds is trying out quips and rocking that mask. Just one year to go, folks. One year to go.

(Via Ryan Reynolds)