Image of the Day: Spectacular close-up look at Saturn's moon, Pandora

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Dec 25, 2016, 5:52 PM EST (Updated)

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is sending back some remarkable images in its final days looping around the Saturnian system, and this new shot of one of the gas giant's smallest moons, Pandora, reveals a misshapen marble hovering in the blackness of space. This mini-moon is just 52 miles across and looks more like a cosmic Idaho potato you might mash up for your holiday dinner than an orbiting satellite. Currently in a cycle of ring-grazing orbits prior to its 2017 demise, Cassini captured this incredible image on Dec. 18, from a distance of just 25,200 miles from Pandora at a resolution of nearly 787 feet per pixel. This is one of the highest-resolution, closest shots ever taken of the moonlet.  

Have a look and tell us if Pandora is your new favorite from Saturn's necklace of many moons.

(Via Gizmodo)