Image of the Day: Spock on a Unicorn on a Rainbow by the Hunger Games cover artist

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Feb 11, 2014, 12:50 PM EST

Is this logical? Better question -- does it matter?

You know, people always think of Spock as this coldly logical dude, but really, you know he wants to ride a unicorn on a rainbow. Because there is no one on any planet at any point in history across all parallel worlds who would not want that. That fictional equestrian need is built into the code of the universe. And we, Spock included, are simply space stuff held helplessly at the mercy of a need birthed at the big bang itself.

To ride a unicorn. On a rainbow.

And, yes, this masterpiece was designed by none other than Tim O'Brien, who was responsible for the cover art on all the Hunger Games books. The world is weird.

(via The Mary Sue)