Image of the Day: Star Wars, meet Star Trek

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Sep 17, 2014

What if the two biggest franchises in sci-fi history met?

Can you imagine a day, not long from now, when all the major Hollywood studios merge into one giant conglomerate (or are all bought by Disney) and suddenly an exec says at some high-level meeting, "Wouldn't it be cool if we crossed Star Wars over with ... Star Trek?"

All right, we actually can't imagine that ever happening, but some kind of cosmic sci-fi confluence is taking place in this photo:

Yes, that's George Lucas, semi-retired creator and patron saint of Star Wars, meeting up with Leonard Nimoy, semi-retired star, creative force (certainly on many of the films) and patron saint of Star Trek. We don't know where this was taken, but Mr. Nimoy posted it himself and was obviously amused as well by the image.

Can you imagine what they're talking about? Nimoy: "I like J.J. fine and all, but that last movie we did ... I just hope you keep him on a short leash." Lucas: "What do I care? I sold the thing for $4 billion. I'm done."

OK, maybe that's not exactly how the conversation went. And while a certain segment of the fan universe still holds a grudge against old George for the prequels, the fact is that these two men have been crucial components of some of the most imaginative moviemaking and television of the past five decades. And that is what makes this our image of the day.

(via Slashfilm)

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