Image of the Day: Track the evolution of Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver

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Jan 6, 2015, 10:52 AM EST

Though most of the attention is usually focused on the new actor taking on the title role following a regeneration, there’s another key piece of Doctor Who lore that has been through its fair share of change.

The Doctor’s tool of choice, the sonic screwdriver, hasn’t gone through quite as may iterations as the mad man in a blue box — but it’s still changed a lot over the years. The folks at Visual.ly have tried to capture the evolution in the nifty infographic above, and it’s amazing to see how drastically the look of the screwdriver changed in each era.

But there’s one quibble with the graphic. What creator David Wildish has labeled as the War Doctor’s screwdriver actually seems to be that of the Eighth Doctor. The War Doctor’s screwdriver was silver-ish with a red light on the end.

Regardless, it’s still cool. Check it out above and let us know your favorite screwdriver.

(Via Visual.ly)